Nikon N90S SLR 35mm Camera; Nikkor 1.8D 50mm lens in Dallas, Texas

The Nikon N90s is a 35mm autofocus SLR using Nikon's F lens mount. It was targeted toward the advanced amateur or prosumer; its featureset is comparable to that of Nikon's current D100/200/300 SLRs. The name N90s was used for marketing in the United States; everywhere else, the camera was called the F90x. This camera was also used as the base for the Kodak DCS 400 series of digital SLRs.The N90s/F90x was introduced in 1994 and discontinued in 2001. The camera's predecessor, the N90/F90, was introduced in 1992 and discontinued in 1994. The successor to the N90s, the F100, was introduced in 1998.