Ball bearing upgrade steelcase tanker desk drawer roller o-ring style in Dallas, Texas


These ball bearing rollers are for replacing missing or broken rollers (o-ring style) on your antique steelcase tanker desk.    Rolling smoothness is greatly improved over the original design. These rollers press onto the axles The bearings are shielded to assure long life of smooth rolling.  The plastic adapter parts are custom molded plastic. Color of the rollers may vary from the photo.The kit comes with 4 ball bearings, 2 large roller OD adapters, 2 large roller ID adapters, and 2 small roller ID adapters. These combine to make large and small roller assemblies.  The large rollers attach to the desk base and the small rollers attach to the drawer.  The kit repairs one drawer.  The adapter parts come attached with the molding spider, parts can be removed from the spider easily, the molded adapters easily press onto the bearings and desk axles.There are at least two distinct styles of rollers for Steelcase desks.  This is the O-ring style, both the desk and drawer axles are the same and use retainers, see the listing photo. There is another version which the rollers are narrower, and don't have o-rings, the small diameter rollers use a retainer, the large diameter rollers do not. Please examine the roller axles to verify, especially if you are missing all your rollers. If the axles are different between the drawer and the desk base look at my narrow roller listing.I tried finding replacement parts for my steelcase desk and couldn't find them.  So I designed these.  Perhaps they will be what you need too. Please measure the pin diameter, if these rollers fit your desk the pins are about 0.283 inches or 7.25mm in diameter. Drilling of the replacement rollers shouldn't be necessary, please contact me if the rollers don't fit or turn freely.For a description of how to install these please see the following youTube video:youTube VideoPlease contact me if you have another "impossible to find" part, I can probably help you, especially if it appears other people would be interested in it.

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