Job Description



Manage all business related activity to achieve the Senior Care Centers vision and supporting strategies and assures that the company image as an ethical and high quality provider of health services is maintained.


  • To assure resident safety
  • Current licenses as required by state law
  • Familiarity with long-term care and/or health care services
  • Valid driver's license and proof of insurance
  • Ability to understand, remember and carry out verbal and/or written instructions in English
  • Ability to speak clearly and hear well enough to communicate with sources
  • Ability to complete assignments while having constant interruptions
  • Must be capable of performing the Essential Functions of this job, with or without reasonable accommodation


  • Directs the location staff to provide high quality in daily care which meets/exceeds all internal/external standards within budget parameters, including but not limited to nursing services, physical plant and environment
  • Listens to family questions and concerns, assists with resolving issues and explains related company actions and decisions
  • Completes daily rounds to assess resident climate and to address complaints or other issues; refers these issues to appropriate department head or other personnel
  • Drives Quality Assurance program in the center and ensures the implementation of follow up or corrective action
  • Intervenes as appropriate in potentially threatening situations and follow-up with staff after crisis has been resolved
  • Oversees preparations for licensure certification surveys
  • Scopes renovation needs of the facility and gains appropriate support for renovations
  • Manages the admissions process and marketing activities within the facility; utilizes marketing support to determine the use of marketing resources for the facility and the use of staff for facility specific tasks related to the approved corporate marketing programs
  • Ensures maintenance of high quality mix by reviewing census and case mix daily
  • Provides input to facility Business Development department on marketing call plans, amount/type of marketing training needed for facility and request for advertising budget and its use
  • Represents the facility in communication, public relations and marketing calls in the community
  • Organize the functions of the nursing home through appropriate departmentalization and the delegations of duties; establishes formal means of accountability
  • Promotes and maintains pro-active, positive employee relations programs
  • Maintains frequent, daily informal interaction and provides positive feedback to staff while they are working; maintains an open door policy in dealing with staff
  • Follows, interprets and enforces corporate personnel policies
  • Communicates clearly and responsively on issues arising in the facility to decision makers who are outside of the facility and follows-up to minimize impact of issues
  • Recruits, interviews, hire and trains department heads and other facility personnel
  • Manages the performance management process within the facility; ensures employees are compensated for merit within Senior Care Centers pay guidelines
  • Terminates or redeploys staff for performance related issues or unethical behavior
  • Follows up on all complaints of sexual harassment as appropriate
  • Prepares annual budget with Regional Vice President of Operations or other corporate representative by reviewing past years budget and the plan it supports by meeting established census, revenue and expense targets; provides input to purchasing for all budgeted capital expenditures and purchases above guideline amounts
  • Reviews financial statements monthly and identifies items which do not fall within established parameters; identifies cause of budget discrepancies and reviews with department head
  • Communicates budget and provides assistance/guidance to department heads in maintaining appropriate budget levels; teaches/coaches department heads in meeting financial requirements and documentation guidelines
  • Tracks and holds accounts receivable reviews monthly to see that they are collecting in a timely manner
  • Maintains compliance with corporate internal audit report
  • Installs and manages facility procedures/systems consistent with Senior Care Center's needs
  • Oversees completion of forms, reports, etc.

    , including state licensure reports, monthly financial reports, Public Health or Department of Labor surveys, plans of corrections, responses to corporate request, replies to resident council and others as needed

  • Reviews and signs accounting records, payroll, incident/accident reports, resident trust fund reconciliation and resident funds approval
  • Maintains an "On-Call" status for emergency situations
  • Uses tactful, appropriate communications in sensitive and emotional situations
  • Promotes positive public relations with patients, residents, family members and guests
  • Use appropriate work place behavior; adhere to dress code at all times
  • Agrees to comply with the Code of Conduct
  • Supports and participates in common teamwork:
    • Cooperates and works together with all co-workers; plan and complete job duties with minimal supervisory direction, including appropriate judgment
    • Reports complaints, problems and concerns regarding co-workers, management or residents in accordance with company policy
    • Completes requirements for in-service training, acceptable attendance, uniform and dress codes including personal hygiene and other work duties as assigned


Able to lift 50 pounds for routine performance of Essential Functions


As assigned, including some weekends, evenings and holidays; exempt position


Company Description

Senior Care Centers is looking for talented, valued and caring team members to be part of our organization.

We believe that every patient and resident should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve while receiving the clinical care that meets their needs.

Join the Senior Care Centers team and be part of the heart of nursing care.

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