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Simon is a homeless, Blind dog who was found hiding in the flowerbed of a home near Houston. The finder's husband refused to allow Simon indoors. All efforts to locate an owner failed.Simon is currently in a foster home that is NOT ideal at all. There are many other dogs in the home, and things are in great disarray. NOT a good situation at all for a blind dog; but, at least he is out of the weather. I am desperate to get him moved as quickly as possible!Simon truly is the sweetest dog we have come across in a very long time. He is young, healthy, and soo wants to please. He weighs 48 pounds, does great with other dogs and people. He's not been tested with cats. Even the vets and their staffs have remarked repeatedly about his sweet, innocent temperament and how compliant he is. This dog truly did not deserve to be abandoned nor does he deserve to die because of this impairment.We (Baytown Humane Society) have now had Simon fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. He tested Negative for heartworms, too! We have also taken him to a veterinarian ophthalmologist who diagnosed Simon with a congenital condition causing him to be totally blind in his right eye, and only very, very limited sight in the left.Simon is in a perilous position, now; and we are desperately trying to find a home for him with a compassionate, experienced owner; or a reputable rescue group specializing in blind dogs/cats.Please help us with this precious animal. I am Marilyn Kinney with Baytown Humane Society; and I can be reached at:

or by email:

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